Introduction to TIME Business School

【1】 College Overview

The predecessor of TIME Business School is the Training Department of TIME Group. In order to meet the needs of enterprise development and promote the important transformation from experience based management to knowledge based management, the company's senior management decided to establish TIME Business School on the basis of the Employee Training Department, and formally established the preparatory office of Timei Business School on May 1, 2015 to comprehensively coordinate the construction of the school. At present, TIME Business School has not only a fixed training base, but also invited many well-known tutors from domestic universities and the industry to teach. It is the first scientific and standardized modern teaching institution in the aluminum industry.

【2】 Enterprise oriented and well structured.

TIME Business School is an enterprise university and an internal training and research institution of the Group. It is mainly engaged in the training of corporate culture, system specifications, professional quality, professional skills, management knowledge, comprehensive quality, etc. At this stage, its service targets are group management cadres, grass-roots employees, dealers and supplier teams.

In addition to setting up headquarters in Qingyuan, the college has set up teaching branches in Foshan, Kunming and other cities conducive to centralized teaching, gradually established and improved the professional system, and set up six departments, including human resource management, financial management, marketing management, supply chain management, product research and development, and quality management.

【3】 Innovative ideas and sincere teaching.

Cultivate a professional and performance oriented staff team, build a learning organization, provide talents for the sustainable development of the enterprise and realize the internationalization strategy, and lay the foundation for building a Chinese national brand. The college not only invited famous domestic experts and scholars and famous domestic enterprises to teach advanced business management knowledge, but also improved the comprehensive quality of employees by strengthening the cultural quality education of internal employees, so that employees can become outstanding talents with both humanistic spirit, social responsibility and advanced management knowledge, and shape the unique personality and characteristic management mode of TIME.

【4】 Excellent teachers and excellent environment.

There are 15 faculty members in the hospital, including 5 professors, 6 deputy senior professional titles, 10 teachers (including those studying) with doctor's and master's degrees or above, and some teachers have gone to Australia and other countries for research; At the same TIME, the college has also employed 6 famous economists, management scientists and entrepreneurs as professors or guest professors, forming a team of teachers with strong strength, vitality and team spirit.

On August 1, 2015, TIME Business School was officially inaugurated. The training room and modern teaching equipment located in the Qingyuan production base of the Group will provide students with an excellent learning environment and make TIME Business School a platform for learning and exchanging outstanding talents in the industry.