Project team
Equipped with independent project engineering team to follow up and develop the whole process
  • Management team
    The first management system team in electronic industry
  • one-stop
    It is equipped with an independent melting furnace, extrusion, small piece oxidation, spraying, electrophoresis, assembly, testing and packaging to ensure the quality and production speed of each piece of aluminum.
  • management system
    Implement according to IATF16949 automobile management system
  • Tooling Department
    The first company to select Shenzhen plastic mold designer and mold production and manufacturing engineer to provide an independent mold workshop. Small molds take 7 days and large molds take 12 days to complete
  • response speed
    Professional customer service personnel respond 24 hours to quickly handle customer feedback. (Production progress, delivery, after-sales problems, etc.)
  • One stop processing customization service process

    TIME Aluminum is an aluminum profile and aluminum product processing enterprise integrating aluminum alloy profiles, product design, drawing, mold manufacturing, production, processing, surface treatment, product testing and service. The production of products is completed in the factory. Compared with the counterparts, our equipment and process are more perfect, which can reduce unnecessary processes.