First of all, Liu Chang Committee entered the production workshop to visit the production line, and learned about the production process, technical research, and market prospects to the accompanying engineering department (R & D) manager and workshop director. Listen to the introduction of the studio and achievement performance in detail.

Finally, return to the office for a discussion. At the symposium, the assistant general manager Lin Zhuo, Lin Zhuo, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Liu Changchen and his party, and then reported in detail the situation of the enterprise in operation and management, as well as the urgent need to resolve the urgent needs in the development of the enterprise in development. question. Lei Xiaohong, Secretary of the Party Branch and Deputy General Manager of the Company, also reported to Liu Chang Committee the implementation of the company's party building and talent teams and the results of the talent team.

After visiting and listening to the introduction, Liu Changchen has fully affirmed the company's sales of more than 20%during the economic downturn, the company's sales can still increase by more than 20%and the sales of strategic products such as automobile parts and other strategic products. Pay high attention to the practice of party building and establishment of business schools to attach importance to talent cultivation.

At the end, Liu Changyi encouraged the enterprise to hope that he can continue to work hard and go faster and more stable on the way to transform and upgrade. He also hopes that the company will continue to work hard in the party building and talent management. The party building and talent management of the enterprise do a good job.

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