In order to protect the health of his family, Dean Li Jun of the Qingyuan High -tech Zone Hospital led the team and a team of 22 people to visit our company on the site for all employees of the company. , Twelve items of liver function, facial features, electrocardiogram, chest penetration, etc.

     The body is the capital of the revolution. Only a healthy body can play the greatest ability in their own jobs. Every year's physical examination can make everyone truly feel the care of Titani companies, and it also confirms that the company insists on people -oriented. The concept enhances the feelings between the company and the employees.

    Health is an important cornerstone of the development of enterprises and employees. The company's leaders have always caring for employees' health. In terms of working environment and living environment, it has continuously improved and improved, and ensures the healthy growth of enterprises and employees.

In the end, Xiaobian, on behalf of Qingyuan Titter Aluminum Co., Ltd., expressed his gratitude to all the professional and careful service of all the "angels" of Qingyuan High -tech Zone Hospital.

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